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Blue Lime Pie Terpene Profile
Top Five Terpenes
Limonene – 51.26% – Elevated Mood, Stress Relief
Alpha Pinene – 17.35% – Memory Retention, Alertness
Beta Pinene – 17.31% – Memory Retention, Alertness
Camphene – 4.49% – Pain Relief
Myrcene – 3.79% – Sedating, Relaxing, Enhances THC

Blue Lime Pie terpene profile

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Buy Blue lime pie Kush This is your end of the day strain  to help with nausea, pains, and sleeping.

17.1%THC / 0.1%CBD  

  • TYPE: Indica
  • GENETICS: (Sin City Seeds)Key Lime Pie x Blue Power
  • TASTE: Berry, wax like aroma.
  • EFFECTS: Pain relieving properties, as well as great aid in insomnia

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Firstly, Love an insanely delicious flavor and a smooth high? Blue Lime Pie brings all of that and more. The taste is much like its name suggests – a sweet and creamy key lime pie accented by delicious blueberries. The aroma follows the same profile but with a pungent spicy turn that’s accented by heavy kush and earth.

Moreover, the Blue Lime Pie high is just as delightful as its flavor, with euphoric and buzzing effects that will leave you feeling positively giddy before you finally fall into a deep and peaceful sleep. Thus, You’ll feel lifted with a buzzing sense of cerebral happiness, easing away any negative or racing thoughts and leaving you with a giggly and unfocused sense of bliss Hence, this bud has fluffy lumpy dark forest green nugs with orange hairs and a frosty thick coating of tiny amber crystal trichomes.

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