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Mail Order Jet Fuel Kush

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If you love diesel strains, you are surely going to love Jet Fuel. One of Canada’s favorite high-quality strains, this Sativa dominant hybrid was introduced into the market as a combination of the highly potent Aspen OG, and the infamous High Country Diesel strains.

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Jet Fuel’s effects are certainly very unique. Despite being primarily sativa dominant, the strain does have many indica properties, which are quite clearly demonstrated in its effects.

Jet Fuel packs a powerful punch, which sets in rather quickly with a cerebral rush designed to leave the user feeling euphoric, energized and in an uplifted, giggly state. The high continues to move on towards the body, relaxing and soothing it and transporting the user to a dreamlike, blissful state.

It is at this point that newer and inexperienced users might doze off or experience couch-lock, but experts and experienced hitters can expect to spend several hours of lazy introspection.


As an AAAAA grade strain, Jet Fuel naturally packs a unique and powerful terpene profile which makes it the powerful and potent strain that it is. Containing between 20% and 24% THC. Combined with upto 0.3% CBD levels, the strain offers a powerful high which is both cerebral and body based. As a result of its potency, the strain is well loved by both the medicinal and recreational cannabis communities. However, the strain is most commonly used for medical purposes, and can effectively treat conditions such as chronic fatigue, mood swings, stress, anxiety, depression, as well as migraines and headaches.


As an AAAAA grade strain, Jet Fuel is not only loved for its potency and effects, but also for its appealing and beautiful appearance.

The strain consists of fluffy and dense buds, which are small to medium in size and normally of a dark green color with a number of thick orange pistils in the mix as well. On the whole, the flower does not differ much from its parents, and has a strong resemblance towards other diesel plants as well.


As you can probably guess from it’s name, Jet Fuel is sure to have a unique and amazing aroma. Which is true, especially since the strain has been created by crossing two highly pungent, diesel based strains.

As a result, Jet Fuel also has a strong pungent aroma, which is perfectly accented by a sweet skunky smell. As a result, the strain is guaranteed to relax every joint in your body, and create an atmosphere of utmost relaxation around you at the same time.


WHERE TO MAIL ORDER JET FUEL IN PERTH AUSTRALIA  . For reasons we don’t quite understand, Jet Fuel is an extremely difficult strain to buy. Not many dispensaries stock it, and even those who do, often have varying qualities.

Which is why you should always consider top dispensaries like Buy My Weed Online Australia for such high quality weed purchases. As one of the oldest dispensaries operating in Serbia, we are extremely proud of our large collection of premium quality cannabis flowers.

Mail Order JET FUEL Kush online Discreetly Australia Buy THC edibles Weed online New Zea land Buy marijuana online Australia Cannabis for sale Sydney


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